A Farewell to Former CT DMV Commissioner

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Dear Editor,

First and foremost, I want to thank Former Commissioner Andres Ayala, Jr. for his service to the State of Connecticut in his capacity as both a senator and a Department of Motor Vehicles Commissioner. In doing so, he made history as the first Puerto Rican to do both. At his core, Andres has been a public servant and has served as a mentor and father figure to many young men in Bridgeport, including me. He has always been an absolute professional and always made sure that the task at hand was completed. I only wish that he had been able to finish the job at the DMV. I hope to speak to Governor Malloy in the very near future because I feel that more could have been done to help make things right at the DMV.

I wish Andres the absolute best and I know this isn’t the final chapter in his book.

All the best!

Christopher Rosario

128th Assembly District (Bridgeport)

Legislative Office Building

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