After school hours are important ones for children

By Michele Burbage

Childcare is a fact of life for millions of parents working to support their families.

Today in Connecticut alone, 82 percent of children live in households where both parents work outside the home full time. Childcare costs can be a critical barrier to families and some feel they are left with little choice but to leave children home unsupervised. Studies show that these children are most at risk after school – the time of day when juvenile crime triples and children are most likely to be involved in risky behavior. Even if unsupervised kids are not getting into trouble, they are oftentimes at home eating, playing video games or watching TV.

The good news is that the Regional YMCA ensures that all children and families have access to an affordable, high-quality afterschool program, by offering tuition assistance to qualifying families. There is growing recognition that afterschool programs promote school achievement and build life skills. Children that participate in a high-quality program feel connected, supported and safe; therefore, they are more likely to make healthy choices for themselves.

At the YMCA Children

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