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The American Dream Series: Aurora Kuger


Aurora Krystal is only five months old, but as she grows older and discovers the world around her, she will ask questions to understand how life works. Eventually, she will ask her mother, Aurora Kuger, how she came to this world, and she will realize that her mothers


  1. Yarilabori says:

    Aurora esta Hermoso … Y q Lindo que Los puedas compartir con todos Mundo Porque todo se puede con Dios primero , y tu mami Bella eres una guerrera hermos y tu hija esta y estara super orgullosa de tener UNOs grandes padres !!!! Para adelante mi guerrera Bella Te quiero mucho .. I can’t wait to meet Krystal .

  2. Wanessa says:

    What a beautiful and inspiring life story!!! Thanks for sharing!

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