An inventory of carnage: Newtown warrants unsealed

By Mark Pazniokas

On March 28, authorities released chilling details of Adam Lanza’s troubled life and his horrific assault on Sandy HookElementary School, providing tantalizing hints and clues, but no answers about what launched the bloodiest primary school shooting in U.S. history.

Lanza killed 26 children and educators in less than five minutes, firing 154 rounds from a Bushmaster XM15 military-style rifle. He was prepared to kill far more: Police found three more 30-round magazines on him, with another 15 rounds in his rifle.

The first new on-the-record details from law enforcement came in search-warrant documents unsealed by the Superior Court and in a written statement from DanburyState’s Attorney Stephen J. Sendensky III, who is overseeing the investigation.

They are certain to whet the appetite for gun control at the General Assembly, especially restrictions on military-style weapons and a ban on high-capacity magazines.

“In some cases, the facts really do speak for themselves, and in this case they only add starker detail to what we already knew,” Gov. Dannel P. Malloy said.

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