An Update on Drive-only License Issues After January 2

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By Emanuela Leaf

We have received dozens of questions about the application process for the new drive-only license. Deputy Commissioner Michael R. Bzdyra provides some answers on behalf of the DMV:

TRIBUNA: We have had a significant number of calls related to the name used on the application and the name on the primary document applicants will present on the day of their learner permit test. If the application is missing the middle name, or the last name is incomplete, will the DMV accept it?

DMV: If a person applies online for their learner permit test appointment and uses only their first and last names, when they arrive at the DMV branch to take the test the DMV examiner will add the middle name based upon their primary document.

Also, if the applicant used only part of their last name, the DMV examiner will add the full last name which is listed on the primary document.

TRIBUNA:  If the applicant moved to a different address before the day of his or her appointment for the test, will proof of residency be accepted with less than 90 days?

DMV:  If a person has moved to a new address since scheduling their online appointment, when they come in to a DMV branch to take their written learner permit test, the person should bring proof of residency with two (2) pieces of mail older than 90 days proving they lived at their OLD Connecticut address and two (2) pieces of mail from their new address. The types of mail required to be older than 90 days old for new applicants are defined in the “A” List. The same rule applies for mail from the “B” list on the checklist, meaning for new applicants bringing mail from the “B” list, they must bring mail older than 12 months proving they lived at their OLD Connecticut address and mail from their new address.

TRIBUNA: To prevent further confusion with a foreign birth certificate being used as a primary identity document, should the “Non-U.S. Consular report of your birth in a foreign country​” be removed from the PRIMARY document list?

DMV: No, do not remove that listed document. Instead, please follow the clarification that DMV instituted this past Friday (01/09) on its English and Spanish document checklists. Below is a copy of the section of the modified English version with the added phrases in much larger type so applicants could see where the changes are. Here are the links to the clarified English and Spanish document checklists: English   Spanish



You must present two (2) forms of identification; at least one document must be from the Primary document list.


PRIMARY document list

Foreign Passport (not expired for more than 3 years)

Valid, unexpired consular identification document issued by your country of citizenship

Non-US Consular report of your birth in a foreign country (This is NOT a foreign birth certificate)

SECONDARY document list

Valid, unexpired motor vehicle operator’s license, with security features, issued by another state or country

Valid foreign voter registration card

Marriage certificate issued by any state or territory of the United States

Certified school transcript

Baptismal certificate or any similar document (This is NOT a foreign birth certificate)

TRIBUNA: What happens if applicants fail the knowledge test?

DMV: If a drive-only applicant fails the knowledge test, they have to wait at least seven (7) days before taking the knowledge test again. The fee for the second attempt is $40. Because of the great number of Drive Only applicants, the actual time the person may have to wait for another appointment could be between four (4) to six (6) months, depending on the DMV Branch office chosen.

The fee for the second attempt is $40 and any subsequent attempt is also $40.

Tribuna will continue to provide updates on any changes or adjustments to the drive-only license process. Questions can be sent to

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