Brazilian Choir & Orchestra Tours the US to Spread the Word

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By Angela Barbosa

From Framingham, MA to Baltimore, MD and Richmond, VA to Danbury, CT, their voices proclaiming the Word of God have resonated loudly within the communities the Presbyterian Church Central Choir & Orchestra of Maringa have visited on its tour to the United States.

On January 22, the eclectic group formed by 58 members partook in the Sunday worship service at the Christ the Shepherd Presbyterian Church, led by Rev. David A. Hutchinson, which hosts the Christian Community Church, a Brazilian Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) sister church with a Portuguese-language service, led by Rev. Juliano C. Socio on Sundays at 6 p.m. with simultaneous translation into English via headphones.

Led by Pr. Elizeu Dourado de Lima, Nehemias Curvelo and conductor Waldemar de Moura Jr., the choir carries a mission to preach the Christian gospel, raise funds for causes and assist Presbyterian churches established overseas that speak Portuguese.

“The choir performs beautiful songs that have touched the hearts of people in places where they have been to,” said Rev. Juliano.

Maringá, in the southern part of Brazil, takes its name from a song by Brazilian composer Joubert de Carvalho in honor of his great love, “Maria do Ingá” (shortened to Maringá). At the time of the establishment of the settlement, the song was very popular in the media; thus, the city became known as the Song City.

The choir has travelled long distances to bring the vibe of the “Song City” to Danbury, where their performance had a special mission to embrace and assist their fellow Brazilians while experiencing and extending the power of God’s truth and grace throughout the greater Danbury region.

For more information about the “Coral & Orquestra da Igreja Presbiteriana Central de Maringá,” visit

To contact the Christian Community Church in Danbury, located at the Christ the Shepherd Presbyterian Church on 52 Stadley Rough Road in Danbury, please call 203-798-0113 or email Rev. Juliano Socio at

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