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States across the U.S. are choosing to issue driver’s licenses to the undocumented


Eleven states and the District of Columbia have enacted laws to allow undocumented immigrants to obtain a driver’s license. Illinois and Nevada have already started issuing the documents,…

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As far as migrant kids go, CT mayors agree to keep talking

By:Ana Radelat | CTMIRROR In the last week of July, nearly a dozen Connecticut mayors discussed what they can do to help house thousands of migrant children currently…

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The American Dream Series: Aurora Kuger’s Story


Aurora Krystal is only five months old, but as she grows older and discovers the world around her, she will ask questions to understand how life works. Eventually,…

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CT DMV’s Drive-Only: A Recap of How to Apply


This fall The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) will begin the registration process of the Drive-Only license for undocumented immigrants. The driver’s licenses are “for driving purposes only”…

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“Danza!” – A Celebration of Latin Choreographers

agenda 2

As part of the Newtown Savings Bank Fine Arts & Family Series, Ives Concert Park will host the Connecticut Ballet’s Summer Dance Caravan 2014 on July 25 at…

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Sonia Gonzalez’s Story


It was 1964 when Sonia Gonzalez left Costa Rica with her four children to join her husband, who was living in the United States. The transition was not…

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Immigrant Advocates Call on Obama to expand daca


La Opinión, News Report, Pilar Marrero, Translated by Elena Shore, Posted: Jul 01, 2014

President Barack Obama made it clear that he would take administrative action very soon to fix the immigration system in the absence of a legislative solution in the House of Representatives. Immigrant rights groups are calling on him to take “courageous and meaningful steps.”

Among the steps the president could take, they say, are expanding deferred action (DACA) beyond young undocumented students and reviewing deportation priorities to prevent the removal of those who have lived in the country for years, have U.S.-citizen minor children and have no criminal record.

Leaders of immigrant rights groups outlined these measures to Obama in a recent meeting before he announced that he would implement a series of actions as soon as he receives recommendations from the Secretary of Homeland Security this summer.

What Obama said

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Prospective Drivers Get Ready to Apply For the New Drive-Only License


The Connecticut law that grants drive-only licenses to immigrants who are in the country illegally comes with no guarantees to those who do not put in their time…

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CT Drive-Only License: A felony will Disqualify You


As a part of our ongoing coverage of the new drive-only license, Tribuna has been featuring a number of stories dedicated to informing our readers as to what…

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PLTI Program enables parents to become leading advocates for children


2014 PLTI Graduates (From left) Mara de Almeida, Christian Aillon, Slyms Bazile, Matthieu Borione, David Calle, Gladiz Coraizaca,Luisa Gutierrez, Ibel Hartlett, Nancy Hattar, Tanesha Hutchins, Ronette King, Dawn…

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