Celebrating a Rite of Passage to Adulthood

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By Angela Barbosa


Rebekah enjoys cheerleading, and likes performing with the Broadview Theater.  Daniel loves tackle flag and tackle football, soccer, and enjoys his free time. He also likes camping, fishing and just hanging out with his friends. What do they have in common? They are twins born one minute apart, who on May 21 celebrated an important moment in their lives – they became Jewish adults.

Rebekah and Daniel Camacho, children of Estela and Lucas Camacho, celebrated the time-honored rite of passage among friends and family members at the United Jewish Center in Danbury, followed by a luncheon reception at the Hatters Park Banquet Hall.

The twin siblings were called to the Torah as Bat and Bar Mitzvah during the Shabbat Service conducted by Rabbi Clifford E. Librach and Cantor Penny Kessler, both to whom the Camacho family is forever grateful.

“Mrs. Guider, a teacher at the UJC, played a huge part in preparing both Rebekah and Daniel. Other UJC teachers that helped with the preparation were Mrs. Amy Kunnemann, Anat Schneider, Jessica Scheider and Mrs. Waldman,” said Estela. “Rabbi Librach and Cantor Penny were an integral part of their Jewish education. Special thanks go to the Religious School Committee, the UJC Board of Directors and the congregants, for the support given to my family.”

Rebekah and Daniel are 7th grade students at Broadview Middle School. They were born on April 4, 2003 and are the youngest of five children, Patricia being the oldest, Cristina and Jakob.

In Hebrew, the word Bar literally means “son,” while bat means “daughter,” and mitzvah means “commandment” or “law.” Congratulations to Daniel and Rebekah on their journey through life. Mazel Tov!



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