Celebrating The New Vision for Danbury Downtown

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By Angela Barbosa

There is certainly a lot to talk about and celebrate in Danbury’s downtown. A new CityCenter office, a new director, new visions, opportunities for investments, partnerships and a growing sense of community.

After a successful Taste of Danbury, P.J. Prunty, the new CityCenter executive director and former City of Danbury mayoral aide, laid out his new vision for Downtown Danbury and its future during a Merchant Mixer gathering on October 8, hosted at the new CityCenter location at 268 Main Street.

“Let’s take this evening as a starting point….This room has such a diverse make up of individuals,” said Prunty about the rich diversity in Danbury’s downtown businesses.

Prunty points out the positive momentum Danbury is experiencing and how important it is for local entrepreneurs and potential investors to embark on that opportunity.

“The opportunity that is present in downtown Danbury is like a boat. Those here tonight, have bought your tickets for Downtown Danbury. It will get to a point, where those who have not purchased their tickets, or haven’t recognized the opportunity that exists downtown…. will miss the boat,” concluded Prunty.

For more information about the CityCenter and the next Merchant Mixer, call 203-792-1711 or visit

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