Certificate of Residence

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For individuals returning to Brazil that wish to take their belongings, the Consulate General issues a “Certificate of Residence,” whose purpose is to verify the time they resided abroad.

In order to be allowed to bring their belongings, one must prove that he or she lived in the United States for at least one year. Only Brazilian citizens can request a Certificate of Residence.

To schedule an appointment, send an email to

The following documents are needed to obtain a Certificate of Residence:

  1. a) Fill out the Certificate of Residence form available online at the Consulate’s website.
  2. b) Must present an original passport or document that verifies the person’s identification and Brazilian nationality.
  3. c) Must present an original document that proves the applicant resided abroad for at least one year (previous passports, income tax, residential lease, telephone or utility bills, school transcript, etc.)
  4. d) Money order for $15.00.

The Certificate of Residence can be requested by mail; however, all the original documentation listed above must be enclosed with the application. In order to mail the certificate and the original documentation back, the applicant should also enclose a stamped envelope with return address and tracking number.

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