Charter School in Danbury

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By Irving Fox

As a longstanding parent and elected official in the Danbury community, I know that our school system is doing a great job preparing kids for a successful future. Still, our city is a growing and diverse one and I believe strongly that our educational system can do a better job of adapting to the needs of each student. That’s why I believe families in our city need and deserve access to a public charter school.

Whether a student wants to graduate and head straight into the workforce, attend college or join the military, it is our responsibility as a community to ensure they’re prepared to walk their chosen path. A charter would offer a new, innovative way to make that happen – and critically, a state charter school will offer additional high-quality seats at a significantly lower cost to the city.

Better schools make Danbury a more desirable place to live, work and be a part of. They also make it more likely for kids to stick around or move back here to build their own lives.

As things stand, we have a high-quality school system that’s in need of additional seats. If our community were given the opportunity to propose a charter that fits the needs of our families and students, it would drastically improve our portfolio of educational options. All we need to make that happen is a Request for Proposal from the state. I urge our elected leaders in Hartford to share one soon.




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