Citizens Council Creates a “Kid’s Corner” at the Consulate in Hartford Citizens Council Presents the “Kid’s Corner” at the Consulate in Hartford

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By Angela Barbosa

Getting your documentation issued at the Consulate General of Brazil in Hartford has become a little easier and more fun for parents that have no choice but to bring their little ones along. While parents wait for their turn, their children can enjoy a space created especially for them, with a kid’s table and chairs, a bookshelf, pedagogical toys and a chalkboard.

“I am very happy with the dynamism of the members of the Council in executing this project under the leadership of the Citizens Council President Emanuela Leaf,” said Consul General Ambassador Cezar Amaral.

The “Kid’s Corner” was made possible by personal contributions from members of the Citizens Council as well as donations from businesses in their respective communities. The space will promote children’s literature from Brazil as well as the duties of the Citizens Council in the local community.

The Citizens Council of Connecticut and Rhode Island is formed by Brazilians from different community sectors and it serves as a bridge between the Brazilian government, represented here by the Consulate General, and the Brazilian community abroad. It meets periodically at the Consulate in Hartford to discuss issues related to the services provided by the Consulate and Brazilian government policies for citizens living abroad, as well as local issues relevant to the community.

“I congratulate all the Council members for their efforts in implementing the Kid’s Corner project,” concluded Leaf.

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