Community Comes Together to Help a Friend Cope with Life’s Challenge

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By Angela Barbosa

Life is full of unexpected circumstances and, many times, we need the help of family, friends and the community to better cope with some of those challenges.

Ana Sousa, a Danbury resident, lost her left eye to a tragic incident with a bottle of Clorox. She has gone through two corneal transplant surgeries, but sadly, they did not give her back her vision. Now, she has to face another phase of that process to recover her eyesight, an eye socket reconstruction and prosthetic eye surgery.

Knowing that Sousa does not have health coverage to cover for the surgery, the community gathered on February 6, at the House of Benfica in Danbury, to raise funds to help her deal with the cost of the procedure.

“I still have to pay for the two first corneal transplants. I am not there yet moneywise, but I am grateful that family and friends came forward to help me cope with such a challenging moment in my life. I can only thank them,” said Sousa.

For more information or to help Ana, please call 203-826-6754.

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