Consul General of Brazil in Hartford Farewell to the Community

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As I conclude my tenure at the Consulate General of Brazil in Hartford, it is with great satisfaction that I witness the enhancement of both dialogue and connection between the Brazilian government and Brazilian residents in the states of Connecticut and Rhode Island. I am thankful to all the fellow Brazilian citizens who dwell in the area and who have contributed to that result.

My efforts have been directed at ensuring that the growing demand of the community for services of quality at this Consular jurisdiction, which includes Connecticut and Rhode Island, was met in a readily and efficient manner. Currently, the Consulate in Hartford is fifth in Brazilian passport issuance overseas, a distinction that speaks to its relevance and the convenience of its location for a public in need of consular services. The itinerary consulate is back to a regular schedule, which, I hope, will be maintained.

At the Consulate headquarters, legal assistance for Brazilian citizens continues to be offered, especially in cases related to migration rights and family.

My gratitude goes out to all Brazilian citizens who have demonstrated interest in participating in various community activities and events organized or supported by the Consulate General in Hartford.

In that regard, I would like to emphasize the high attendance at events that have promoted our literature, folklore, music, dance and other cultural and life aspects organized often over the past two years in several cities within our consular jurisdiction, in particular, the cities of Hartford, Danbury and Bridgeport.

I would like to also mention the efforts to facilitate the preservation of the connection between the local community and Brazil through training workshops for teachers of the Portuguese language held at Yale University. I would like to thank the Minister of Education Cid Gomes for his visit and meeting in Hartford, in March. Because of a recent meeting here at the Consulate with representatives of the Connecticut Department of Education, the state government will hire Portuguese teachers with the purpose to teach our language at high schools in cities where there is a large concentration of Brazilians, such as Bridgeport, Danbury and Waterbury.

I thank every member of the Citizens Council of Connecticut and Rhode Island, who contribute in a special way to encourage the interaction between the Brazilian government and its citizens residing in New England. I believe that this collaboration will continue to develop and improve in the upcoming years, helping the Brazilian community to assimilate into the North American society.

My sincere appreciation to all of you and wishes for a lasting and prolific relationship that will strengthen the connection between Brazil and the United States.

Ambassador Cezar Amaral

Consul General of Brazil in Hartford

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