Consular Identification Card

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We would like to inform all members of the Brazilian community in Connecticut that as of January 1, 2015, the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) will accept the Consular ID card as a valid form of identification to obtain the Drive-Only license, to be presented together with proof of residency, among other documents.

The Consular ID card can be used for the following purposes:

– In case of an emergency, the ID card helps the Consulate General contact the ID-card holder and his or her family members in Brazil or any country abroad

– It facilitates the replacement of Brazilian documents in case they have been stolen or lost

– It allows the Consulate to have better knowledge of the community it serves

– The ID card is accepted at the Department of Motor Vehicles to obtain a Connecticut Drive-Only license

– It is accepted by authorities as a form of identification of a Brazilian citizen in replacement for his or her passport (not for traveling reasons).

Where can I use my ID card?

The Consular ID can be used as an identification document in libraries, schools, banks, hospitals, at the DMV and public departments in many towns and cities.

How do I obtain a Consular ID card?

The Consulate General requires electronic scheduling in order to apply for the Consular ID. An appointment can be made by visiting eletronico.xml.

When coming to the Consulate on the date scheduled, please bring two non-expired Brazilian documents. One of the documents must have a photo (e.g. passport, ID card, driver’s license or military enrollment card), and the second document does not need to have a photo (birth certificate, marriage certificate, voter’s card or CPF (The Brazilian Individual Taxpayer Registry).

Applicants should also bring proof of residency with their name and address proving residency in Connecticut or Rhode Island (e.g.: utility bill, phone, Internet, cable, driver’s license or income tax return) and the form to obtain the Consular ID card filled out and signed. The form can be downloaded from the Consulate’s website at .

The consular ID is free of charge.

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