Danbury Indian Community Marks the 69th Anniversary of their Nation’s Independence

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By Angela Barbosa

It was a bright sunny day when members of the Indian community dressed in their traditional saris and kurtas, joined by community members, Mayor Mark Boughton and local and state elected officials, celebrated the nation’s 69 years of independence from the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland on August 15 at the Danbury City Hall.

Performances of traditional songs and interpretations of the United States and Indian national anthems were part of the program.

As Mayor Boughton highlighted the many different flag-raising ceremonies celebrated at City Hall throughout the year representing the melting pot that is America, he emphasized the great contributions of the Indian-American community to the city.

“Today, as we recognize the contributions of Indian-Americans to Danbury, Connecticut and the United States of America, we thank them and the local Indian community and the events they sponsor throughout the year. The elected officials and I certainly look forward to another great year in the City of Danbury with the Indian-American community.”

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