Danbury Public Schools wrestle with new security measures to prevent school shootings

Since the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, officials in every school district have been working over every possible security measure that could be implemented to mitigate a future school shooting. The Danbury Board of Education met on January 3, 2013 in a public meeting to discuss with Mayor Mark Boughton and Police Chief Alan Baker the various measures that could implemented, with questions and feedback from the public.

The meeting, held at Broadview Middle School, was well attended and the public response was active and impassioned. The members of the Board were equally vested as the principal of Sandy Hook Elementary, Dawn Hochsprung, was once an administrator at Rogers Park Middle School and her husband is an educator in the Danbury public school system.

The attendees were mostly concerned parents with two chief concerns. The first was the issue of security measures to be implemented at King Street Intermediate School, which is an

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