Danbury Welcomes New Hockey Team

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By Renato Ghio

When the Danbury Whalers left town after this year’s hockey season ended, local hockey fans weren’t sure what would happen next. Would there be a new team? Would it happen in time for the coming season?

Thanks to Bruce Bennett of Bruce Bennett Nissan, local hockey fans can rest easy. Yes, Danbury will have a new Federal Hockey League team for the 2015-16 season. Welcome the Danbury Titans.

Bruce Bennett has teamed up with Ed Crowe. Both business owners are excited to bring hockey back to Danbury. At a press conference held Friday (07/24), Bennett and Crowe, along with Coach Phil Esposito, Assistant General Manager Tricia Coe and VP of Corporate Sponsorship Jed Wilson, officially unveiled the team logo and jerseys.

“Their investment in CityCenter is incredibly appreciated,” stated Mayor Mark Boughton. “I think that Bruce brings in a stability of leadership on the ownership side. This is a Danbury guy. He lives in this city, he’s invested in about a million different ways and this is just his extension of that investment.”

After coming to game and becoming a sponsor of the Danbury Whalers, Bennett fell in love with the sport and the players. Another FHL league owner once told him he would make a good team owner. When Danbury lost its team, Bruce felt it was his chance to step in.

“I built my business around loyalty to my customers, of my employees and to the product that I sell, and that’s what I’m going to bring here,” said Bennett.

The name Titans was chosen by fans via a Facebook contest to name the new FHL team. The team will play at the Danbury Ice Arena and the season will begin in October. The official website, as well as information on ticket prices and an on-sale date, are coming soon. You can currently find them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

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