“Does Laser Hair Removal Really Work?”

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By Charis Wipfler


As the owner of Grace Medical Aesthetics, one of the most common questions I hear is “Does laser hair removal really work?” And to that, I reply an emphatic yes! Advancements to laser hair removal devices have improved outcomes and decreased the cost significantly. Never has laser hair removal been easier or more affordable.

Laser hair removal is a beauty treatment that is increasingly popular among men and women of all ages. The ease of not ever having to shave is an appealing option to many too busy to do so. Laser hair removal can also be a life-improving option for those who struggle with ingrown hairs, embarrassing facial hair and discomfort due to hair growth. While I am hesitant to say that laser hair removal is completely permanent, what I can say is that it will cause a permanent reduction in hair growth. Different stages of life such as pregnancy and menopause can stimulate new hair growth despite laser hair removal.

Hair growth occurs in three cycles – the anagen (active growth phase), the catagen (shedding phase) and the telogen (dormant phase). The optimal time for laser hair removal is the anagen phase, simply because the hair is anchored in the follicle. The treatment uses a laser to target the pigment in the hair, heating the hair follicle enough to damage its ability to grow new hair. Because the laser is only able to damage the hair follicle when it is in the anagen (growth) phase – and these hair cycles vary depending on the area, it is important to maintain a schedule for laser hair removal. Most areas will rotate through the anagen phase every 4-8 weeks, so monthly or every other month treatment is optimal. It is also important to avoid the sun in the areas being treated because the laser cannot determine the difference between hair pigment and skin pigment – so the lighter the skin and the darker the hair, the better.

Historically, laser hair removal was cost prohibitive and most lasers were not appropriate for all skin types – causing burns, pain and generally not working. At Grace Medical Aesthetics, we use the Alma Soprano Diode Laser – one that treats ALL skin types and does so quickly and painlessly. Alma Soprano is one of the few lasers that use “in-motion” technology, decreasing treatment time and discomfort. In addition, we offer affordable monthly membership pricing at $69 per month for a medium area.


Charis Wipfler, APRN, is the owner/operator of Grace Medical Aesthetics in Middlebury, CT, which offers laser hair removal, injectable and whole body cryotherapy. Visit our website at for details regarding the laser hair removal pricing structure and to book your appointment

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