Enlisting in the Military Service

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Translated by Angela Barbosa

According to the terms issued by Decree 57.654/66, all Brazilian citizens must enlist in the military between the ages of 18 and 45 years old.

Nonetheless, women and ecclesiastics are exempted from military service during peacetime.

Brazilian men born or residing abroad must enlist in the military at the Consulate in the first semester of the year in which they turn 18 years old. After registration, the Brazilian citizen residing abroad will have to come to the Consulate annually with the certificate of enlistment so he can file a delay of incorporation into military service.

Those who dwell abroad, and have never enlisted in the military service, must come in person to the Consulate to adjust their status.

To enlist or adjust your military service status, you must bring the following documentation with you: a) completed enlistment form; b) one 3 x 4 cm photo; c) birth certificate (original); and d) passport or any other Brazilian photo-ID document.

Exemption from Military Service or Second CDI (Military Discharge Certificate)

From May 1 of the year during which you turn 28 years old, if you were already enlisted, you must request a discharge of Initial Military Service and issuance of a Military Discharge Certificate (CDI) at the Consulate.

For that service, you will need the following documentation: a) completed discharge form; b) Brazilian photo identification (copy and original); and c) one 3×4 cm photo with your name written on the back.

Assistance at the Consulate General is by online appointment only. To schedule your appointment, go to

For additional information, please visit the Consulate’s website at

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