Fantasy Football

Fantasy Football has been around long enough to go from being an underground cult-like hobby to a lucrative industry that compels entire internet-based communities of devotees who pray at the altar of points-per-touch, touchdowns and the all-important high mass of the season: draft night.

Fantasy Football is a fun way to watch the season and make every football game interesting. The barrier to entry may seem high and getting into a good league can be difficult, as there are leagues with regular participants that can be years, if not decades, old. So here is a brief introduction to Fantasy Football, as the season gets ready to kick off.

At its core, Fantasy Football is a simple game of picking players to fill a roster that you expect to perform well each week. With 16 weeks in a typical season, including playoffs, you have a long-term investment that only requires a few minutes week. But before you even get that far you have to do what every league must do: draft your team.

Every league differs in its rules but the basics are the same. Every team consists of a quarterback, running back, tight end, wide receiver, kicker and defense. You may see leagues that include defensive linemen or defensive backs. Typical arrangements see to a team that consists of fifteen players to allow each manager to shuffle his or her line-up for each week. The fun starts when the managers gather, usually online at a place like Yahoo Sports or ESPN, which offer leagues for free. Draft orders can be random or determined based on last year

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