First Brazilian Expo Promotes Fun, Networking and Business Opportunities

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By Angela Barbosa

Photos By Igor Castro

Featuring organic homemade baby food, homemade pizzas, handcrafted accessories and art, professional photography services, events and party planning and decor, insurance products, dentistry services, sportswear, dermatological products, Zumba classes, custom print services, Brazilian waxing, tailoring, newspaper and radio, the first Brazilian Community Expo gathered a great medley of professional industries on November 15 at the Best Western Hotel in Danbury, CT.

Event organizers Karlla Knupfer Rodrigues and Ana Carolina dos Santos’s vision was to promote an opportunity for businesses to exhibit their products, network with potential customers and contacts and for attendees to have access to those businesses and win prizes from vendors.

“The Expo opened at 10am to the public, and we all got to meet many new contacts for our business,” said Cristiano Martins of Custom Print from Naugatuck, CT.

“More than a business-to-business showcase, we want to create a space where many of those businesses can get visibility and sell products or services directly or make contacts for follow up,” explained Ana Carolina.

When asked if the Expo will become an annual addition to Connecticut’s calendar of events, Ana and Karlla humbly answered, “We would love to. We would like to open up to the entire community and have it in a bigger space where more vendors can also participate.”

With the holiday season around the corner, handcrafted and homemade products are always an excellent gift choice.


For those who could not make it to the event, Chris Fox of Radio Via Brasil Channel has provided full video coverage of the first Brazilian Community Expo, which is available at

Vendors have provided their contact number in case you are interested in purchasing their products or services.

For more information about the Brazilian Community Expo, contact the event’s organizers

Ana Carolina or Karlla at (203) 482-8308.

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