Follow-up calls about pending procedures

The deadline to process documents requested directly at the Consulate is given to each applicant by Consulate personnel.

To prevent delays in processing documents, the Consulate urges applicants to wait until the schedule cut-off-date before calling the Consulate to request information on the status of the procedure. The increase in the number of calls about documents interferes with the processing, resulting in adverse setbacks.

To obtain information about your passport request, access the Sistema de Documentos de Viagem (SCDEV in Portuguese) directly at That page provides the status of the document requested after entering the protocol number and date of birth of the applicant, OR complete name and date of birth. The system provides the following statuses:

a) Sent: the electronic form is in the system.

b) Being Evaluated: the request is at the Consulate to be processed.

c) Approved: the process is complete.

d) Ready: Document has been issued and it is ready to be mailed or picked-up by the applicant.

If the status is

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