Happy New You!

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By Eric Faria

What is it about a fresh start that is so invigorating, so thrilling, so inspiring? This time of year, many of us feel the itch to shake, fix and perk things up, to approach what lies ahead in a better, smarter way, to fill our lives with a brand-new passion.

I count myself among those who are excited by beginnings – whether it means lowering your stress level, helping others or taking that class you have been meaning to for the past three years.

This month, I’m turning twenty-eight. I’m proud of my journey thus far. I’m alive. Healthy. Strong. I’m celebrating a birthday and while I still trip and fall flat on my face – and the concern about what others think of me still shows up (you know, the old Am I doing it right? Am I saying it right? Am I being what or who I’m “supposed” to be?) – I fully believe I’ve earned the right to be just as I am. I’m more secure in being myself than I’ve ever been.

I am amazed of the way my life here on Earth continues to unfold. I told my psychologist recently that this year feels much like a rebirth. Maybe it is because I finally reached a point where the realization that my path is mine – and mine alone – to walk.

My existence has been marked by miracles for as long as I can recall. When I stop and wonder how many pieces had to fall into place just so that I could be alive and telling this story today, it boggles my mind.

And now, at 28, I simply want to share what I’ve been given. I want to continue to encourage as many people as I can to open their hearts to life, because if I know anything for sure, it’s that opening my own heart is what has brought me courage and great joy.

Even in my darkest moments, I remain hopeful, and open to seeing the best in people, regardless of whether they are showing me their worst.

We humans narrow what is an open field of wonder and majesty to the myopic reality of our day-to-day experiences. However, there is extraordinary in the ordinary. Every day and every breath is magic – if we can only see it for what it is.

We go through life discovering the truth about who we are and determining who has earned the right to share the personal space within our heart.

When I tune into gratitude, the sacredness of life brings me to the purest form of love. I approach this new life chapter with humility, thanksgiving and happiness.

I know this: The future is full of possibility, whether you make one tiny change – or a whole invigorating, thrilling, inspiring bunch of them.

Live on!

Eric Faria is an Emotional Intelligence Coach. He has participated in self-development trainings since 2005, using these tools in his professional coaching. He graduated from an International Coach Federation program in January 2014. Eric lives in Connecticut, and in addition to working with private clients, he gives motivational talks. For more information, or to contact him, send an email to

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