Hard work paves the road for young lincoln center school of american ballet student

McKenzie Soares. Remember that name, because it just may be that you will be hearing it in the future. Right now, McKenzie looks and seems like any other fourth grader at King Street Middle School but he is also a student at the Lincoln Center School of American Ballet and the prized pupil at the Academy of Dancing Arts in Brookfield, Connecticut. His mother is a Brazilian immigrant that works as a housecleaner to support her son.

The average day for McKenzie is to get up and go to school like any other 4th grader but once school is out, his mother, Ana, picks him up and the two of them head down Route 684 to New York City, where McKenzie studies all forms of modern and classical dance at the prestigious School of American Ballet. For those unaware, the School of American Ballet is a selective and elite school that teaches students to become professional dancers and 90 percent of the New York Ballet are SAB graduates. His most recent achievement was to be accepted to the Bolshoi Summer Program, an intensive program run by one of the oldest ballet companies in the world. Think of it as developmental academy for the world

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