Hiking + Biking In The Hat City

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By Renato Ghio


While this winter has been fairly mild, the recent warm, sunny days are still like a spring beacon enticing us to get outside. We are lucky to live in an area surrounded by hiking, biking and walking trails. There’s a whole lot of nature for us to enjoy. Exercise is good for our bodies but it’s also good for our minds and souls. As a way to encourage us all to get out and take in some fresh air, here are a few top places in and around the Hat City.


Tarrywile Park on Southern Boulevard in Danbury: You already know this is one of my favorite places. There is an amazing trail network for hiking, with varying degrees of difficulty. The trails circling the meadows are perfect for novice mountain bikers. If nothing else, just go for a sunset walk around the meadow. It’s beautiful and a great way to get in a little exercise and snap a few photos too.

Farrington Woods off Mill Plain Road on the Danbury-NY border: This property is now the second-largest city-owned open space parcel in Danbury. It’s 192 acres with biking trails, hiking trails, plus a pond for fishing, canoeing and kayaking. As with most places, the degree of difficulty depends on the trail, but there are some steady uphill climbs.

Bear Mountain Reservation at the north end of Danbury bordering New Fairfield: When I lived in New Fairfield, this was my home away from home for mountain biking, and in fact, Alicia and I took our very first hike together here. The John F. Kennedy Trail system allows hiking and mountain biking. This is a great place for more advanced mountain bikers who like a technical ride. The red trail is the largest and loops around the property through all different kinds of terrain from open fields, to forest and small hills, to narrow walkways or what we mountain bikers refer to as “single track.” The orange trail dips down to the shores of Candlewood Lake and offers a great view.


These are just three places, but there are so many more just a short drive from Danbury. While we love working and being a part of downtown, we also love that we can quickly escape into nature. There may still be a few weather hiccups headed our way but warmer days are coming. Be sure to time some time to get out there and enjoy them.

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