How to Apply for a Consulate Identification Card – Carteira de Matrícula Consular

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We would like to inform the Brazilian community in Connecticut that, as of January 1, 2015, the “Carteira de Matrícula Consular” (Consulate Identification Card) has been accepted by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) in Connecticut as a valid form of identification to apply for the new state Drive-Only license, along with proof of residence and other documentation.

Due to the high demand and the limitations of this Consulate, we would like to remind the community that the Consular ID card can be issued only by appointment. If the ID card is necessary to obtain the Drive-Only license, we recommend that you set an appointment to apply for the Consular ID first, and then register for the Drive-Only license at the Department of Motor Vehicles website, preventing any conflicts of dates.

We recommend that Brazilians residing abroad apply for their “Matrícula Consular” at the Consulate-General with jurisdiction over the area in which they reside. The Consulate-General in Hartford has jurisdiction over the states of Connecticut and Rhode Island.

The Matrícula Consular serves the following purposes:

– In an emergency situation, it helps the Consulate General to contact the bearer and his or her family members in Brazil or abroad.

-It facilitates the replacement of Brazilian documentation in the case it has been stolen or mislaid.

– It allows the Consulate to have better knowledge of the community it serves.

– The Consulate ID card can replace the passport as a form of identification. You can leave your passport at home.

Where Can I Use My Consulate ID?

The Carteira de Matrícula Consular can be used as a form of identification in libraries, schools, banks, hospitals, some public departments in many cities and towns and at the Connecticut DMV to apply for the Drive-Only license.

How Do I Obtain the Consulate ID?

First, schedule an appointment via email at .On the day of your appointment, bring two valid forms of Brazilian ID. One of the documents must have a photo (ex.: passport, identification card, driver’s license, military ID card), and the second document does not require a photo (ex.: birth certificate, marriage certificate, voter registration, CPF – a number assigned by the Brazilian revenue agency to both Brazilians and resident aliens subject to taxes in Brazil).

The applicant must bring proof of residence in Connecticut or Rhode Island (ex.: utility bill, water bill, telephone, Internet, cable TV, bank statement, driver’s license, checkbook, tax return) and the Matrícula Consular form completed and signed, which can be downloaded online on our website at .

The Consular ID can be obtained free of charge.

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