Source: CT DMV Passing Your Driving Test booklet

The DMV expects applicants to be able to safely perform any legal maneuver that they ask and to recognize, understand and react properly to any road sign, marking or situation that is encountered during the road test. They do not follow specific routes and do not have to exclude any highways during the course of a driving test.

Test Vehicle
They will test you in the vehicle that you provide; you should be familiar with it. It may not have broken or missing equipment (ex: broken headlights, missing windshield wipers). Applicants should be able to release or apply the parking brake and recognize when it has been applied. You should have learned to operate the windshield wipers and washer, the heater and defroster and know when to use them. Drivers should know how to turn on the headlights and recognize if the parking lights or high beams have been selected. You should be able to operate the horn and each of the other instruments without taking your eyes off the road. You should recognize any warning lights that may be displayed on your instrument panel.

Getting Ready To Drive
Prior to entering the test vehicle, you should have observed nearby parked cars, people or objects that could affect your ability to safely put the car in motion. Upon entering the vehicle, you should adjust your seat (and steering wheel if adjustable) so that you are sitting erect behind the wheel with your feet able to easily operate the foot controls. The car windows should be clean and defogged. The inside and outside mirrors should be adjusted to give you a good view to the rear with minimized blind spots. You should fasten and adjust your safety restraints. We expect applicants to be able to start the vehicle and recognize when it is running.

Basic Driving Skills
The inspector will instruct you to follow certain directions or perform certain maneuvers in order to evaluate specific driving skills. You should be able to follow the directions you are given. The brake should be applied before you shift the car into gear from the park (P) position. Drivers should accelerate and/or shift smoothly, maintaining good control of the vehicle. The car should be brought up to driving speed in a reasonable amount of time. You should be able to maintain a

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