Improving Customer Service for the Brazilian Community Abroad

This post is also available in: Portuguese (Brazil)

The Brazilian Government and Itamaraty are still studying measures and implementing new procedures to facilitate the lives of Brazilians dwelling abroad.

In two sectors, the military and the electoral, new rules and provisions, soon to be implemented, should make the relationship of Brazilian agencies with the community living outside of Brazil even easier.

Military Service Abroad: Total Remission

The Board of the Military Service (DSM in Portuguese) has notified us that the Ministry of Defense has established that Brazilian citizens residing abroad have the right to a military service remission. The DMS will decide the minimum time of residency abroad so that the waiver may be effective, as well as the practical procedures to be adopted at consular facilities.

The waiver of service is not a waiver of registration for military service, which still needs to be done, on the DMS page. The Board of the Military Service offers to citizens pre-registration online. To register, visit

In turn, the Superior Election Court also offers an online platform for those who need to justify why they did not vote. Voters that need to prove that they are up to date with the Electoral Justice can go online to issue a certificate of electoral discharge, as long as their registration is updated and there are no pending issues related to their vote or eventual justifications due to absence in elections, or to provide electoral services. To access that service, visit

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