It Warrants Your Concern…

Search warrants and arrest warrants are powerful tools used by law enforcement to legally impose upon our freedom. The Connecticut State Constitution states that a warrantless arrest is invalid on its face unless there is a finding of probable cause by a Superior Court judge.

A search warrant is a document signed by a judge of the Superior Court that allows law enforcement to make entry onto private property with the expressed intention of searching what would ostensibly be private areas in search of something specific that is of a criminal nature or contraband or connected to a criminal investigation. Law enforcement must apply for a search warrant by submitting a sworn statement to a prosecutor, who reviews the statement for sufficiency and then turns it over to a judge who reviews it and signs off, assuming the statement contains specific information. The officer must assert that he or she is looking for something specific, such as a large quantity of crack-cocaine, and where the object is located, in the closet of a bedroom on the second floor of a known house, and information that supports the officer

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