Keeping the Spirit of Giving Throughout the Year

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By Angela Barbosa


This past holiday season, the Savings Bank of Danbury’s employees placed more than 50 envelopes containing $50 each in several locations surrounding its 14 branches. To keep the spirit of giving throughout the year, people that found the envelopes were encouraged to share the money with a friend, organization or even a stranger who might benefit from it.

The envelopes were left randomly at businesses, parks, libraries, schools, senior centers and other locations, containing instructions to “pay it forward” by either donating the entire amount or keeping half and donating half. The instructions also requested the finder to share their story and enter into a drawing to have $250 donated to the charity of their choice.

The Vochis family was randomly selected as the winner, and Stella, Michael and sons Alex and Nicholas chose to donate the $250 to New Milford Social Services.

It is certainly an idea worth copying so the spirit of giving can continue to light up our communities.


Caption: Pictured to the right of the Vochis family are Martin Morgado, COO, Savings Bank of Danbury and Beth Ann Fetzer, Community Development Officer, Savings Bank of Danbury

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