Legislature Instrumental in Re-Naming East Main Street in Honor of ‘Borinqueneers’

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By Maria Roman

Photo by James Russo

The “Unveiling Ceremony of Borinqueneer’s Memorial Highway” took place on August 29 in the lot of the Veteran’s Administration building on East Main Street in Bridgeport. The new street name given to the state road, East Main Street, was chosen to honor the ‘Borinqueneers’ of the 65th Infantry Regiment from Puerto Rico. The Borinqueneers played a prominent role in World War II and especially in the Korean War. “Very fitting” said Latino and Puerto Rican Affairs Commissioner, Rick Cruz, who described East Main Street as being a landmark of Puerto Rican pioneers.

The idea for the change came about when Bridgeport’s State Representatives, Christopher Rosario of the 128th District and Ezequiel Santiago of the 130th District, who both share East Main Street, collaborated with Bridgeport’s Director of Veteran’s Affairs Milta Feliciano on presenting the change as legislation. Rosario said it was “long overdue” and Santiago explained that with their “hard work” the change was accepted, but “it almost didn’t make it.”

Among the elected officials from various branches of government, United States Senator Richard Blumenthal spoke about his role in being instrumental in the 65th Infantry being awarded the Congressional Gold Medal from President Barack Obama in June 2014, saying to the Borinqueneers, “Americans need to know how patriotic you have been. Freedom is never free. You fought for freedom.” And Bridgeport Mayor Bill Finch added, “We will never forget,” as he spoke about minorities “still struggling to be free.”

Acknowledgement of Borinqueneers:

Rafael Chiesa

Celestino Cordova

Israel Montalvo

Pedro  Nieves

Arnaldo Perez Pacheco

Felix Cardona Quiñones

Luis Rodríguez Rodriguez

Ángel Segarra

Hernán Serranox

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