Meat The Press Is in Town

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One day last month, I saw what looked like a food truck parked in the Danbury City Hall parking lot. I immediately had Alicia look it up online. Much to our delight, we discovered this new local business would be serving up their food just a short walk away from our Main Street office.

The food truck, Meat The Press, parks at 127 White Street in the parking lot across the street from Leahy’s. This husband-and-wife-owned business serves up handcrafted sandwiches, salads and more. Lenny and Linda’s passion for great food, and especially great sandwiches, was the inspiration behind the business.

We too love a great sandwich and we couldn’t wait to give them a try. Alicia ordered La Havana, a sandwich with Cuban styled shredded pork, sliced ham, Swiss cheese, pickles and mustard. I was going to order the Steak Bahn Mi, but Lenny mentioned he didn’t have the daikon radishes that day and without them, the sandwich wouldn’t be quite as good; we loved that he was honest about it. Then, he suggested I try the Colombiana instead. The Colombiana is a Colombian style Arepa Bread (cornmeal based), stuffed with a choice of shredded beef, pork or chicken and topped with tomato, lettuce and creamy sauce. I went with the shredded beef.

La Havana was a pretty good Cuban sandwich. The pork was tender and all the classic flavors were there. It didn’t blow us away, but it was definitely good.

From the first bite, however, the Colombiana was amazing. The shredded beef was tender and perfectly seasoned. The flavorful meat combined with the corn flavor from the Arepa made for a great sandwich. We both would order the Colombiana again in a heartbeat.

It took a while to get our order, but we figure they only opened a month ago. They’ll need some time to get the workflow down. It was a beautiful day to hang outside and the sandwiches were delicious, so it was worth having some patience.

Everything is reasonably priced, with most items running between $5 and $7. The sandwiches were completely filling, but they do offer sides like cut-to-order French fries. Might need to make some room for those next time.

Our verdict: Meat The Press gets a thumbs up.

As with most food trucks, the days/hours they are open vary. We’ve found that the best way to keep tabs on current hours and menu specials is to give them a like on Facebook:

You can also view their menu online at

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