New Danbury Library Director Wants to Continue to Improve Its Services

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By Angela Barbosa

Katie Ventura is now the director of the Danbury Library. Coming from Kent Public Library in Kent Lakes, New York, Katie started with the Danbury Library as Assistant Director in November 2013. She worked closely with the former director, Lambert Shell, who left in December for a directorship in New York.

“We have built on a great number of things at the Danbury Library since I began in 2013. We are offering more electronic services and offering a larger variety of programming. We will continue to grow these offerings,” said Katie.

Her vision for improvements at the library is to continue the work done by Dr. Shell.

“My vision of the library is no different from my predecessor,” she said, adding, “Dr. Shell and I have the same vision. We worked closely together to grow the library and provide a variety of programs and materials to all aspects of the community. The library is here to support the community and help the community grow.”

According to Katie, Communications Specialist Rodrigo Fuenzalida has built an excellent relationship with the immigrant community and the library will continue to grow the relationship and any programs it can offer to better serve the population.

The new director is also looking at where the library can fill voids in the community and how it can better serve the public.

“The library is here to help all those who need or want help. It is a valuable asset to everyone in the community and we give our help freely with no expectation or judgment. Our staff members will help in any way possible and we are open to any suggestions on how to better serve our community,” she concluded.

Katie has been working as interim director since December 14, 2015 and was officially appointed by the City Council on February 2, 2016.

“I greatly appreciate the Mayor’s confidence in providing me this opportunity. I look forward to continuing to work with the city and staff in moving the library forward in today’s fast changing community.”

The Danbury Public Library is located at 116 Main Street. For more information, please visit

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