On Foot in Danbury: Main & Wooster

Do you really know Danbury? Sure, you’ll say. But have you really seen it? We’re not talking about the view from your car as you drive by or through the downtown. Rather, have you really seen it, explored it?

Getting out on foot changes the perspective. Our frequent lunchtime walks along the city streets have allowed us to notice little details we never truly paid attention to before. There is some pretty cool architecture, little spots of nature, all kinds of things that are easily overlooked. We thought it would be fun to share what we see with a recurring post we’re calling “On Foot.”

So, let’s take a walk.

At the corner of Main and Wooster sits the Old Jail, which is now home to Danbury WIC. We read somewhere that the building was used as a jail until 1969.

Behind the building sits the oldest cemetery in town, established in 1684. We’ve driven by this place millions of times, but never actually stopped. You don’t even need to know much “official history” to appreciate it.

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