Opportunities for Bilingual Teachers in CT’s Public School System

This post is also available in: Portuguese (Brazil)

The Consulate General of Brazil in Hartford hosted a meeting on June 26 with Connecticut Department of Education representatives to become acquainted with, evaluate and discuss state requirements pertaining to hiring Brazilian teachers to work at the state’s public schools, in towns and cities where there is a large concentration of students whose native language is Portuguese.

Portuguese is the second most spoken foreign language in the state. There is a great demand for bilingual classes in schools where more than 20 students speak Portuguese. In that context, there is a potential opportunity for qualified professionals to teach Portuguese and other subjects, such as history, geography, science and mathematics in Portuguese.

Teachers that have completed their higher-education level, who are licensed to teach and speak English fluently, have two ways to access the information to apply for the position.

Teachers residing in Brazil can access the “Teacher Exchange Program” at to apply for a three-year exchange program through a J-1 Visa (temporary work visa without the obligation to be certified by the state). The exchange program is offered by the Cordell Hull Foundation.

Teachers residing in the United States, with a green card or as U.S. citizens, who must be certified by the state, should check the information on pre-requirements to apply at (click on Obtaining CT Educator Certification and Applicants for First Time)

For more information, please email or call (860)713-6969. Curriculum Vitae must be in English and mailed to the Connecticut State Department of Education at 165 Capital Avenue, Room 243, Hartford, CT 06106.   

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