PLTI Program enables parents to become leading advocates for children

2014 PLTI Graduates (From left) Mara de Almeida, Christian Aillon, Slyms Bazile, Matthieu Borione, David Calle, Gladiz Coraizaca,Luisa Gutierrez, Ibel Hartlett, Nancy Hattar, Tanesha Hutchins, Ronette King, Dawn Lipke, Christiane Melillo, Sandra Prendergast, Paola Remache, Sapna Sarat, Yessenia Tejada, and Mery Valepucha.

Sapna Sarat had the idea to start a new Girl Scout troop three years ago but in order to do so, what she needed was a little push. After learning about the Parent Leadership Training Institute (PLTI), she decided to enroll herself in the program and after its completion, she felt the necessary confidence to develop her ideas. Thanks to the PLTI, Sapna

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