Program Will Empower Everyone as One Multicultural Community

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Our Danbury community is incredibly diverse; however, there is still a long way to go for our various groups to be integrated with one another. I believe that while everyone’s religion or culture might differ, the message is the same and speaks of respect, kindness, giving a helping hand and spreading love. I have taken the initiative to conduct a program that I believe will bring together people from different religious and cultural backgrounds, to empower us as one multicultural community.

In exploring this idea of a multicultural program locally, I spoke to many different cultural organizations and was met with an overwhelming positive response. Some questioned, though, what would be the benefit to our society as a whole? Will participants be able to learn from each other and share ideas? I would like to put together a program that would bring people from all different cultures, religions and communities together, as this would lead to positive growth and development, individually and as a community. We are diverse, but we are not yet united. I am hoping to help change that. By coming together to share experiences and ideas, we will forge bonds of friendship and community.

Roanoke College has started a similar initiative to what I am proposing, called “MULTI CULTURE LLC, which involves knowing and understanding history and culture, being you and being innovative in diverse thought processes.

I would like to see the same type of program here in Danbury. If you are interested in helping me with this idea, please contact me at lipsa03@gmail.comor, or you can message me at (203) 942-3532. I would be happy to take multiple steps further.


Thank you,


Lipsa Panda

Parent Leader

Danbury, CT

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