Recognizing the priceless work of volunteers

Photo: From left – Paul Sirois, Sharon Siegel, Jane Wilson, Maureen McGuire, Cynthia E. Roy (Hospice CEO), George Mulvaney, MaryBeth Prunty and MaryBeth Hickey (volunteer manager).

They dedicate time to aid those in need and to assist organizations whose cause becomes their own, whose mission will change their own lives and the lives of others. That is what volunteers do as they embrace roles that are paid with the gratitude of those who benefit from their devotion.

On June 20, the Regional Hospice and Home Care of Western Connecticut, which provides professional hospice care, palliative care and home care services, gathered to celebrate and recognize about 150 dedicated volunteers that contributed over 10,000 hours of their time and talents to the organization.

According to Cynthia E. Roy, president and CEO of Regional Hospice,

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