Renewal of Passport for Brazilian Citizens Over 18 Years Old

This post is also available in: Portuguese (Brazil)

The services provided at the Consulate General in Hartford are offered by electronic appointment. To set a time to apply for a passport, first you must fill out a request form at (ignore the message about certificate security that appears on the website, and click “continue on this website”); then, print the receipt, sign it and attach a photo in the space indicated. If a printer is not available, write down the protocol number (this number is needed to schedule an appointment for a passport). Appointments can be made at

On the scheduled day, arrive at the given time and bring the following documents with you:

1) Brazilian birth certificate or marriage certificate (in case your name has been modified after getting married, you need to show the respective marriage certificate). If it is a foreign certificate, first register the marriage at the Consulate (check details online), and then you can continue the passport processing with the changed name. If your name has been changed due to a legal separation, the marriage certificate or a legal decision in a Brazilian court is necessary. If the legal decision was made in a foreign country, you need to have it approved in Brazil (details on the website).

2) Photo ID: Previous passport valid or expired, Brazilian ID, work book or other governmental document. Brazilian citizens over 18 years old must also present: a) voter card and a certificate showing that he or she has fulfilled voting obligations to prevent any notes on the passport request to regularize voting status; b) Brazilian male citizens between the ages of 18 and 45 must present a document showing that they have fulfilled their military service obligations. In case the person was never enlisted, he or she must first enlist in the military service (see instructions on the website under Military Service and how to schedule an appointment). If you don’t have the appropriate documentation and state that you are up to date with the military, you will be asked to fill out a declaration of regularization with the military service (form is available at the Consulate).

Payment must be made by money order in the amount of $80.00. If you have lost your previous passport, or if it was stolen or damaged, you must pay $160 for the new passport, and you must fill out a form “formulário de perda/extravio/furto de passaporte” available on the website.

The passport renewal request can also be done by mail. Instructions are available on the website

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