Returning to Brazil Guide

Every year, thousands of Brazilians leave their country in search of a better life abroad. Many are successful, find good and suitable jobs, establish ties and rebuild their lives. To those, the Brazilian government wishes great success while providing assistance and support through its consular network abroad, hoping that, besides their new connections with the country they are dwelling in, they will keep their affective and cultural ties with Brazil.

Other Brazilians, however, do not have the same luck. Instead of opportunities, they face hardship, suffering, exploitation and sometimes abuse in various forms. For those citizens, the process of returning to Brazil must be guided and facilitated, in order to allow their reintegration into society and into the job market, resuming their lives in Brazil with the dignity they deserve.

The Guide Returning to Brazil has been jointly elaborated by Brazilian federal agencies that work to deter violence in all forms. It hopes to enable Brazilian consular agents and staff to aid organizations abroad as well as volunteers in general, to better inform returning Brazilian nationals on how to benefit from the myriad of programs and services available in Brazil in the health, education, work and housing areas, among others.

Our hope is that the return of our nationals to Brazil who need assistance the most won

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