SOS Minas: All In for a Good Cause

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By Eveline Meneghel


Last Sunday, Dec. 6, a “charity feijoada dinner” (feijoada is a Brazilian stew of beans and pork) was organized in Danbury to help raise funds for the families affected by the largest environmental disaster that occurred in the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil. In addition to the “feijoada,” the “SOS Minas” also had a samba dance circle to entertain the generous public.

Donations were made in the following manner: guests would give any amount they wished at the entrance, and they could go in and enjoy the party. Those who wanted to eat the feijoada paid an additional $14 to enjoy all they could eat.

According to the event organizer Suzele Vieira, they raised US$ 933, which would be the equivalent to  approximately R$ 3.700,00 in the Brazilian currency. “We raised more than we expected. People there [Minas] will be happy! If we convert that into Reais (Brazilian currency), we will be able to purchase a lot of water,” she said with great enthusiasm.

Suzele shared that the idea resulted from a conversation among friends. “I have a friend who is helping a non-profit named “SOS Valadares,” and he asked me to help raise funds to assist them. I went to pick up a donation and encounter a group of friends, and one of them, Gustavo Fuchs, came up with the idea to do the event. We planned, got what we needed and made it happen,” she explained.

Those who are interested in donating to the cause can still do so by contacting Suzele at (203) 456-0603.

Minas thanks you!!!

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