Steps to Obtain or Renew Your Passport

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(For Applicants over 18 years old)

Before going to the Consulate, please take the following steps:

  1. Access the Serpo portal at (Ignore the security message to certify whether you know the website and click on “continuar neste website” (continue to the website).
  2. Fill out the form to request the passport
  3. Print the confirmation receipt.
  4. Sign the form and attach the photo on the space indicated on the form. Photo specifications are:
    1. Must be color and recent (less than 6 months old) and no date printed on it. Size of a passport photo (2”x 2” or 5×5 cm), looking at the camera and on white background.
    2. Resolution must be from 300 KB to 500 KB (photo 2”x2”) or between 3 and 5 megapixels on the camera definition.
    3. No shadows and no excessive light exposure.
    4. If using a printer, please choose “high quality” option.
    5. If you have any questions about the quality of your photo, visit the Consulate website to obtain information about the most common problems.
  5. If you cannot print the application form for the passport, write down the confirmation number (you need it to schedule an appointment at the Consulate).
  6. Schedule your appointment at the Consulate Portal:
  7. Buy a money order at the post office in the amount of US$120. The money order will be given to the Consulate representative on the day of your appointment. (The passport will expire in 10 years).

On the day of your appointment, bring the following documents to the Consulate:

  1. Brazilian Birth or Marriage Certificate
    1. If your name changed when you were married, you must present the marriage certificate as proof of the change. If you have a foreign certificate, you must first register your marriage at the Consulate (more information available on the Consulate website). Then you will be able to process the application for the passport with the name changed.
    2. If your name was changed due to a divorce, you need to present the marriage certificate or the Brazilian certificate of legal separation. If the certificate is foreign, you must homologate the separation in Brazil (more information on the website).
  2. Photo Identification:

– Previous Brazilian Passport, valid or expired

– Brazilian Photo ID

– Workers Card or

– Another government ID

  1. Voting Card. Brazilian citizens over 18 years old must also bring:
    1. Voting Card and proof of voting records for past elections
    2. Certificate of voting participation from the Tribunal Superior Eleitoral (TSE) obtained at, or
    3. Transfer electoral voting document abroad by presenting:

– Copy of ID card, military document, passport and birth certificate.

– Proof or letter stating residence abroad.

    1. If you are not up to date with those documents, you may be able to do it in person at the Consulate.
  1. Military Document. Male Brazilian citizens between the ages of 18 and 45 years old must show proof of Military Service completion.
    1. If the person never enlisted in the military service, he will have to enlist first (see instructions on the website under “Serviço Militar” and how to schedule an appointment).
    2. If the person does not have the proper military documents but declares being up to date with the military service, he will have to fill out a declaration regularizing his military situation (form available at the Consulate).
    3. Please fill out the form to obtain a “Waiver Certificate of Incorporation” (ICDI in Portuguese) or the “2nd application for a Certificate of Military Enlistment” (CAM, in Portuguese).

A passport renewal can be done by mail. See instructions on the website:

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