The Department of Consumer Protection Needs the Public’s Help Regarding the Activities of James Delmaro

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HARTFORD, October 13, 2015 – The Department of Consumer Protection is requesting assistance from consumers who may have information about an individual, James Delmaro, 44, of Hamden (pictured below).

Delmaro may be offering or contracting to perform Home Improvement work without a registration. Delmaro may have used the personal names Anthony Delmaro, Mario Certo or Jose Rivera, as well as the business name Bull Dog Roofing, First Choice Roofing and/or any of the following registration numbers: HIC.641921, HIC.640327, HIC.566357 or HIC.673597. Delmaro was denied a Home Improvement registration in 2008 by the Department.

If you are aware of any instance during 2015 that Delmaro offered to perform, entered into a contract to perform or performed any Home Improvement work, please e-mail or call 860.713.6110 with any details.

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