The Green Grunion: A food truck in Danbury serving means killer burritos

A grunion can mean many things, depending on which dictionary you use but in Danbury, it means killer burritos.

Alicia and I have to admit that we were always kind of jealous of our Southern Connecticut friends with all those fancy food trucks popping up in their cities and towns.

Well, now they can all eat their hearts out. We have a new food truck in town: The Green Grunion.

The Green Grunion is bringing San Diego style burritos to the corner of North Street and Padanaram Ave in Danbury. Owner Paul Mannion is originally from Bethel; then was out in San Diego, where he learned the art of the burrito. Now he’s back and sharing his skills.

Every burrito is made to order, so it might take a little longer to get your food than you may be used to. Spoiler alert: It’s worth the wait.

The menu includes: The Cali, featuring carne asada, Chorizo, Carnitas, Chicken, Veggie and Bean. The prices range anywhere from $6.50 to $7.50. It’s pretty reasonable considering the high quality ingredients in these burritos. Each burrito comes with your choice of mild, medium or hot sauce.

We ordered one Carnitas and one Chorizo, both with a side of the hot sauce. The Chorizo was that amazing slightly greasy pork goodness you love but with a hint of sweetness in there too. Adding the hot sauce made it a delicious flavor mix. The Carnitas was juicy and tender and full of cheesy goodness. Once you took that first bite, it was impossible to put it down until it was gone.

We will be back … soon!

The Green Grunion is on Facebook and that’s where Paul lets you know if he’ll be at his spot in the parking lot of 109 North Street, across from the I-84 exit 6 ramp. He also gives you a heads up if he’s going rogue and popping up somewhere else in town for a limited time or if he’s going to be at any special events.

Paul said he’s building up a following and one day, he may just settle down in a brick and mortar spot in downtown. For now, however, he’s on the move. We suggest you catch him.


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