The New American Dream Foundation

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By Celia Bacelar Palmares


Every one of us that is an immigrant has a story that leads us to another country. What makes this nation so special is the uniqueness of bringing people from around the world together, united by a love of freedom, equality and justice. We might love our cultural background, but America is where we call home.

On May14, at the Third Annual Tribuna’s American Dream Awards, nearly 400 guests celebrated those of immigrant backgrounds who are hungry for great things. We came together to share these stories and empower those who aspire to make our community proud.

It all started back in 2014, when Tribuna Newspaper, a biweekly publication in English, Portuguese and Spanish, was celebrating its 15th Anniversary. It was then that the idea for the American Dream Awards Gala was born – an annual awards ceremony designed to recognize members of the immigrant community and provide financial support to individuals and organizations striving to achieve their American Dream.

This theme, as you might know, is a bit close to my heart. I am a Brazilian-American who migrated to the United States over two decades ago, worked as a house cleaner and became the founder and publisher of Tribuna Newspaper, one of the largest multilingual publications in the Northeast.

Together, we have given $46,000 in scholarships, awards and donations to the community through the event.

This year, the American Dream Awards marked the beginning of a new phase of my own American Dream with the creation of The New American Dream Foundation, Inc.

The New American Dream Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization that highlights the cultural, social and economic contributions of all immigrants, while supporting the core American values of equal opportunity, progress and freedom in the areas of education, health and civic engagement.

Our goal is to support individuals and or organizations that share in these values, helping others or themselves in their journey to define and achieve their American Dream.

Our main objectives are to grow our scholarship fund and provide financial support to aspiring individual immigrants as well as to organizations that focus on education, health and civic engagement services delivered to the immigrant population, through the American Dream Awards Gala.

This work will be done while recognizing the importance of being a catalyst for community conversations on the immigrant experience, diversity and American culture.

If you would like to join our efforts, visit our website to learn more and get involved.



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