The Story of Diana Bryant

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By Maria Danniella Gutiérrez-Salem

Foreign Lawyer – Venezuela


Coincidences definitely do not exist. When we need something, God or the universe comes together so that a particular person can come into our life or a particular event can occur. But we can’t leave everything to fate. When we go after our dreams, it is imperative that we surround ourselves with people or professionals who can guide us, as everything in life requires a plan and a well-defined path to reach our goals. This is perhaps why life coaching is nowadays a trend that is here to stay.

Our interviewee was born in Bogota, Colombia. In 1999, she decided to come to the United States to study “psychology and art” in Danbury. This greatly attracted my attention, for these are two very different careers. She then explained that since she was young, she had wanted to be a singer, an artist; in fact, she had wanted to be everything and it was very difficult to find her own self. Therefore, in her search, she decided to study psychology but then found that she did not share the emphasis on evaluating one’s past life, when in reality, our life is today.

She admits that there are episodes that affect and mark us, but she does not think that going back can help us. She believes that taking all those tools we have stored in the box called life and using them is what makes us develop. She stated, with much emphasis in her voice, “Living is today, not yesterday! We are not some kind of film where we can go back and use less light or add background noise. Life is that moment when the director says it’s all ready. We have to keep rolling and it is that spontaneity that produces a unique movie.”

For this reason, she decided to change her career and, in her search, she found a job that required very specific skills, such as working with all types of personalities, listening and gaining their trust. As a life coach, her main objective is to produce changes in people´s lives. She helps them know themselves better, discover their skills and identify potential adversities that may occur, and then, she helps them create a strategy, a plan that will allow them to take actions that give them a life they desire to live, rather than getting up every morning without a purpose.

The most important subject for Diana is faith. She commented that one of the things that has helped her grow as a human being and find happiness was her approach to God. This is why today even her professional life revolves around faith. Working as a life coach, she has found what she describes as a higher connection with those who profess the same faith since there is a correlation in what they think, do and believe. Apparently, when we want to change our lifestyle, we cannot simply dress or eat differently. Thinking and being in harmony with our discourse and our actions toward others is what places us in a different mental and spiritual state.

Diana is definitely an inspiring person. She concluded with this thought: “In life, we need a dream, a desire to achieve, commitment, hard work, vision and a clear mission of what we want, and face all obstacles one by one to achieve success. We must discover that we are good and start going after our dream, for life is meant to be lived. Step on your past by walking in your present, full of possibilities, and a future that awaits a small effort on your part. Do not be afraid of success. You are success!

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