Third Party Electric Supplier: Watch

By Catherine Blinder

For a long time, those of us who live in Connecticut did not have a choice about who we bought our electricity from; most of us in the state had Connecticut Light and Power (CL&P) or United Illuminating (UI).

Connecticut deregulated energy markets about 16 years ago, allowing small electric suppliers to enter the market and compete with the two regulated utilities. Dozens of alternative (third party) electric suppliers have since entered the market, and all aggressively sell their services.

Many of these companies go door-to-door and often promise customers that they will see a drastic reduction in their electric bills as a result of purchasing their services. But you should be cautious whenever you purchase any service or product from people who sell over the phone or door-to-door. When someone is friendly and seems to care about you, it is easier to say yes. Don

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