Two Faced Book: The dangers of social media comments

It seems that everyone and their mother are posting the most intimate details of their personal lives on Facebook. Those who are prolific posters on social media outlets like Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter must be wary about what they post and who sees it because posting items or statements on any of these types of formats can result in serious repercussions.

Social media hubs and outlets are inextricably linked to thousands upon thousands of connections. While users may think that they have a specific number of friends or followers according to their profile, in fact there is no telling how many people have seen any given post. What is more important to remember is that once the statement has been made it cannot be taken back.

I have written about the right to remain silent in past columns. The lesson has always been that as soon as you speak to someone else, whatever you say may be used as evidence against you. In legal terms, it is called third party disclosure. That means anything you say to a friend that might be said in confidence can be lawfully elicited from your friend whether it be on the stand at trial or by police during an investigation. Now apply that same legal principle to the statements and disclosures made every moment on forums like Facebook. Scary stuff, huh? It gets scarier when you realize that no matter what you do to cover up a post here or a comment there that there is no possible way to ensure that the statement you made on your friend

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