Unlike UnitedHealth, Aetna, Anthem Say They Will Stay in ACA Exchanges

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By Ana Radelat / ct mirror

Washington –UnitedHealth may quit the nation’s insurance exchanges, but Aetna and Anthem say they are staying and will work on problems with the marketplaces.

The largest U.S. insurer by market value, UnitedHealth said this week it expects to lose as much as $500 million selling coverage under the Affordable Care Act next year.

It said it is likely to leave state exchanges in 2017 if it can’t turn a profit.

That focused attention on the other, larger players in the Affordable Care Act marketplaces where millions of Americans purchase insurance — Anthem and Aetna.

UnitedHealth sells fewer policies on state exchanges than Anthem or Aetna. In Connecticut, UnitedHealth sold only about 2 percent of the policies purchased on the state’s exchange this year.

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield participates in 14 state exchanges.

Joseph Swedish, Anthem president and CEO, said his company has offered more than 1,000 new insurance products in those states, “more than any other healthcare insurer.”

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